Welcome to Suds 'n Satin.  SnS is a small Bath 'n Body business run by Pru Alexis.  Many years ago, while researching the best oils to use in my natural hair, I stumbled upon the world of soapmaking and have been hooked ever since.  All products here are handmade by me (Pru Alexis).  I started out in my hometown of Brooklyn, NY but I'm currently located in Atlanta, GA.  Primarily I make soaps, but I make other bath, body & hair products as well.  A simple interest turned into a business that everyone can benefit from (everyone needs soap, right?).  The majority of my products here at SnS are plant/nut based with just a couple of exceptions which contain either honey or beeswax; I don't use any animal fats or animal milks in my products.

Be sure to head over to my YouTube channel where you can actually see me making my soaps. Also, like/follow my Facebook, Instagram & TikTok pages @SudsnSatin.

My mission is to provide you with quality products that will keep your skin clean, soft and pampered.   

No one should be funky or ashy.